’Al Bab al Azrak' or ‘The Blue Door’ project is a collective of global volunteers who are committed to improving the well being of refugees and displaced peoples regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity or religious orientation. We are a not for profit community group with a core team of volunteer staff from Syria, the UK and South Eastern Europe. The project grew out of meetings, on Lesvos in the Winter of 2016, between independent volunteers from the UK and refugees arriving to the island by boat from Turkey. Our mission is to aid displaced peoples through disaster relief projects, art, education, food and cultural exchange and our previous projects and fundraisers have taken place in the UK, Greece, France and Germany.


We have worked alongside UK based organisation Art for Action; Better days for Moria, the Lighthouse at Skala Sikimias on Lesvos, Caritas and No Borders as well as providing 1000’s of independent volunteer hours on social welfare and disaster relief projects all over Europe. We organise our projects around the principles of dignity, equality, social justice and empowerment. We have ambassadors in the UK, Syria, and Germany and our projects are funded through independent donations, our own income, crowd-funders and donations from Refugee Aid Stroud. To see more work from Art for Action use the button at the bottom of the page.

Key Aims and Objectives

  • to try to improve welfare and well being for the communities we represent

  • to reinforce a community values and give individuals a sense of positive identity.

  • to liaise with statutory and voluntary agencies to improve the well being and welfare of the communities we represent.

  • to facilitate contact between the communities and individuals we represent and the appropriate support, education and welfare services

  • to observe the principles of dignity, equality, social justice and empowerment

Team Profile

  • Leah Wild. Project Coordinator, Project fundraiser, web development.

  • Obada Almahrous. Head of Web Development, translator

  • Jodie Leigh Wild. Communications Manager, Campaigner, Outreach and Engagement.

  • Karina Delcheva. Project Fundraiser, web development

  • Rachel Bettesworth. UCAS mentor.

  • Muhannad Abdullah. Youth Coordinator, translator.

  • Ahmad Alhtene. Translator, technical assistant.

  • Jwan Seedo.  Translator, technical assistant.

  • Razan Abdullah. creative director, translator, Syria outreach coordinator

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