Blue Door Cinema Project. Funding cinema in camps and accommodation facilities.

In the summer of this year we set up our first cinema on a camp in North Germany. Over the course of several projects the cinema, and our library of films, has grown and we'd like to share that with other camps. The photos below show us working with Rose Illingworth from Art for Action, decorating a bauwagen to use as a pop up cinema and showing our first episode of pingu to some very happy kids. Pop up cinemas provide a place to laugh, snuggle up, stay warm and escape from the trials of daily life together. They provide a space for learning, sharing and forgetting everything for a moment. Our first cinema was started with a £35 projector and a £20 screen and it provided hours of fun and entertainment. With £1200 we can fund a minimum of 6 cinemas in camps across Europe and we can provide access to a library of culturally appropriate films. If you work on a camp and you would like some help to set up a cinema please get in touch. We can provide equipment, films and advice and access to our dropbox account when you connect with the project. If you want to donate you can use  the just giving link or paypal button below. Please help us reach our target and help others to find some relief from the hardships they are facing this winter. Thanks for your support

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